Information, Reading Room and Circulation

Lectura en salaInformation, attention and guidance to users

Answering to general or specialized questions about the information resources available in the library and the operation of library services. The information can be provided face to face or remotely (web, email, telephone, etc.).

This service is offered to both internal and external users.

Reading Room

This service allows personal consultation of the library's collections. Most libraries have an open freely accessible reference collection which the reader can consult without any prior procedure, and a closed stacks collection which must be requested from library staff (for reasons of security, conservation, obsolescence of documentation, etc.). The library's catalog is available to users in the reading rooms.


This service allows you to place hold requests and to obtain documents for loan from the library's own collection. This service is only avalibale for CSIC Library and Archive Network registered users.

Users may place hold requests for documents according to the criteria of each library. CSIC staff users will follow their library's instructions regarding the collection or dispatch of documents from the library´s collection. External users must go to the library in person to request photocopies, to collect documents for loan and to pay for services, if applicable.

All borrowers are responsible for the custody, conservation and return of the documents on loan, and they cannot lent to another person.

All the existing documents can be loaned, with the following exceptions:

  • Reference works: encyclopedias, dictionaries, bibliographies, catalogs, directories, etc.
  • Journals and Newspapers
  • Documents which are difficult to replace (unique, out of stock, rare and of special value)
  • Monographs published before 1940
  • Non-library material
  • Unpublished theses, dissertations and projects
  • Unpublished reports and research papers
  • Atlas

The maximum number of books on loan and loan terms are based on the following combination of user type and document status. The loan can´t be renewed if there is a holding request placed for the book.

User type Maximum no. of books on loan Duration
CSIC Staff 30 From 2 weeks to 1 month depending on the status of the document
Externals with privileges (*) 30 From 2 weeks to 1 month depending on the status of the document
Deposits 100 Expires every June 15
Externals (**) 10 From 2 weeks to 1 month depending on the status of the document
Institutions 100 6 weeks, including transit

Additional information: CSIC Library and Archive Network Regulations

(*) Users not belonging to CSIC but linked to the institution: associated researchers, research fellows, associated workers, etc.

(**) Users not belonging to CSIC, with short-term stays: visiting researchers, short-term scholars, in general users whose connection to CSIC lasts less than 24 months.