Off-Campus Access to Electronic Resources

PAPI Off-Campus Access Service and Lean Library extension are the tools that CSIC Library and Archive Network provide to access the electronic resources licensed to CSIC from any place with an Internet connection, even if it is not located inside a CSIC institute.

Any CSIC staff member can access electronic resources from outside his work centre using the PAPI Service and loging in with his CSIC Intranet user/password. He must be registered in the CSIC Intranet and made a first connection through My First Access to the Intranet.

PAPI access via Intranet

Lean Library is a browser extension that integrates access to electronic resources into the workflow of researchers. When a researcher is browsing or searching outside the Library Network channels, Lean Library detects if he is on a website whose content is subscribed by the CSIC and guides him to access the full texts. You can also use Lean Library to subscribe to journal ToC alerts.

When the researcher is browsing outside the CSIC computer network and Lean Library detects a website whose content has been subscribed by CSIC, the Lean Library icon (Lean Library) turns green and a window with a button to access the full text using the PAPI service is opened. If the article is not licensed to CSIC on that vendor, Lean Library tries to locate an alternative version (Open Access or another which CSIC is subscribed to), and can ultimately provide a link to request a copy from the Document Delivery Service.

If you have the Lean Library extension installed, the results of a search in Google Scholar will automatically display  a button to set a journal ToC alert. When Google Scholar includes a new article of the journal for which the alert has been subscribed, you will receive an email notification.

To use Lean Library, you only have to download the extension and configure it, selecting it as a CSIC library.

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