DIGITAL.CSIC Mediated Archiving Service

Mediating Archiving ServiceDigital.CSIC Technical Office has put into operation this service to send publications for fast archiving in the institutional repository. To use this service it is only necessary to fill a form with a reduced number of fields. The form is available on Digital.CSIC home page under the heading "Send your work" or following this link.

This functionality has been designed to facilitate communication between CSIC authors and archiving support services in order to simplify the archiving of documents in the institutional repository and to secure the archiving of recent publications. It is a very easy way to send publications to Digital.CSIC Technical Office and/or to the Mediated Archiving Services of CSIC Libraries. The Office and/or Library staff will take care of uploading them to Digital.CSIC

This service has the option to attach a file with the full text of the document, along with the description information. The fields of the form - which have been restricted to the minimum - can be quickly filled in by simply cutting and pasting the requested information.

An updated list of the institutes whose libraries provide Mediated Archiving Service can be consulted here.

Digital.CSIC Technical Office will take care of the Mediated Archiving Service in the institutes without physical library or when the library does not provide the service.

For further information about this service please contact: or call: 91 568 16 69 (Opening hours: Mon-Jun 08:30-14:30, 15:30-17:30; Fri 09:00-14:00)

For a better diffusion of your scientific production, use the Digital.CSIC Mediated Archiving Service.