1. Search all catalogs

With this option, you can perform a joint search in bibliographic catalog (including titles of printed and electronic books and  journals), archives catalog and  Digital.CSIC institutional repository. To search for journal articles, database content and other electronic resources use the CSIC's Virtual Library search

2. Bibliographic catalog

Contains more than 1.5 million records of books, journals, maps and other types of printed and electronic documents on multidisciplinary subjects in CSIC libraries and associated libraries. It includes more than 500,000 electronic documents with access to the full text.

3. Archives catalog

This catalog contains more than 180,000 iconographic and textual documents from the collections of the CSIC Archives. More than 50,000 have access to digital reproduction.

4. Authorities

The CSIC Authorities catalog includes more than 75,000 records of personal authors, organisations, congresses, subjects, geographical names and subject subdivisions. [See more information]

5. Z39.50 and OAI servers

You can also retrieve records from the bibliographic and archival catalogs using the Z39.50 server and harvest the content of Simurg (portal of CSIC's digitized collections) from the OAI server.

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