CSIC Library and Archive Network places great emphasis on the continuous profesional  training of its staff in order to provide the best service to its users and to serve as an skilled effective support to our institution in achieving its scientific excellence.

Training is carried out annually through three main channels: through the CSIC's Training Office, courses organised directly by the  Unit of Scientific Information Resources for Research and courses offered by external third parties (companies, institutions...etc).The training is given by professionals of recognized professional prestige and seek to increase and adapt knowledge and skills  to the new challenges of the libraries and research archives.

User training is another action line of training developed by the Library and Archive Network to make known the tools, information resources available and research support services (open access, open data, open science, bibbliometrics...etc.)

This users training  is provided directly by the libraries and archives or through  sessions, in person or online, organised by the Unit of Scientific Information Resources  for Research.

All Information  on  CSIC's  training plans is published on the Intranet.