GRANADO: Cooperative Conservation Storage Facility

Works in Progress: The deposit of documents in GRANADO is temporary closed for works. No request to send new CSIC library collections will be accepted until further notice. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Granado: depósito cooperativo de conservación
What is GRANADO?

GRANADO is the Cooperative Conservation Storage Facility of CSIC Library and Archive Network. It guarantees the permanence and custody in the institution of bibliographic documents and collections that currently are used very occasionally but must be preserved in the long term because of their intrinsic value and scientific and heritage interest.

Where is it?

GRANADO is located at Centro de Ciencias Humanas y Sociales, C/ Albasanz 26-28. It currently has a journal storehouse with more than 2 Km of shelves and a book storehouse with about 1 Km of shelving space.


The objectives of Granado are to optimize the use of space in CSIC libraries, prioritizing the ease of use and conservation of the most used printed documents, and to adequately preserve documents with little use, ensuring user access and long term preservation of institutional heritage.

Types of documents to be conserved

GRANADO is open to all types of documents on any physical medium: monographs, series, journals, reference works, maps, etc.

How can be accesed documents stored in Granado?

CSIC libraries can request copies of documents and interlibrary loan of original books.

Libraries from outside the CSIC Libray and Archive Netowrk can request copies of documents as long as they are not located in another CSIC library.

There is not personal loan of documents from Granado.

Contact | 91 5681618 ext. 991618

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Granado Collection Management Policy