General Overview About Services

CSIC libraries and archives are public libraries and archives of a restricted nature. They are research libraries and archives with highly specialized collections. They are located within CSIC Research Institutes and they serve both internal and external users of the institution. Information about addresses, opening hours and services can be found in the CSIC Library and Archive Network Directory.

Services of the CSIC Library and Archive Network:

Access to electronic information resources Library Services
CSIC Virtual Library Information, attention and guidance to users
E-Journals & E-books Libraries and Archives Catalogs
Databases Reading Room
Off-Campus access to electronic resources: PAPI Circulation
Digital.CSIC: open access to CSIC scientific production Document Reproduction and Digitization Service
Simurg, Digital Heritage Collections SURAD: Last Chance Document Delivery Service for CSIC Libraries
Virtual Support Digital.CSIC Mediated Archiving Service
  CSIC Library and Archive Network Twitter: @bibliotecasCSIC
  DIGITAL.CSIC, Institutional Repository Twitter: @DigitalCSIC
  GRANADO: Cooperative Conservation Storage
Plan100%DIGITAL for CSIC institutes without physical library

More info: Check out the Frequent Asked Questions