Acquisition of electronic resources

The Unit of Scientific Information Resources for Research (URICI) subscribes access to the databases and periodical publications that make up the Virtual Library of the CSIC Library & Archive Network.

In the month of June, URICI receives suggestions for subscription to journals and databases made by the network libraries. In the case of centers without library, suggestions come through their 100% DIGITAL Plan representative. After studying these requests, a public tender is carried out that is awarded at the end of the year.

Annually, URICI also carries out centralized acquisition of e-book collections from major scientific publishers.

As a complement to these forms of acquisition, users can request the purchase of individual electronic books thanks to a limited annual budget available for this purpose.

Both collections of books acquired centrally and books acquired individually are available to all CSIC staff.

How to suggest the purchase or subscription to an electronic resource

Through the Virtual Library of the CSIC Network of Libraries and Archives it is possible to suggest the acquisition of electronic resources (e-journals, e-books or databases).

To make a request it is necessary to have access credentials to the CSIC intranet and identify yourself in advance.


  1. Check the catalog to verify that the resource is not already part of the collection.

  2. Within the Virtual Library, identify yourself with your CSIC intranet credentials.

    Adquisición de recursos electrónicos CSIC
  3. Access the application form through the “Sugerencia de compra” section.

    Adquisición de recursos electrónicos CSIC
  4. Fill in the form data. If you want to suggest subscription to a database, you must indicate “Database” in “Otra información”.

  5. The user’s library will receive and process the purchase suggestion. URICI will process requests from centers that do not a library (100% Digital Plan).

For any questions you can email to

For more information visit: Frequently asked questions about Virtual Library, Magazines and Electronic Books [content in Spanish]