EncuestasPeriodic user satisfaction and staff satisfaction surveys for the CSIC Library and Archive Network are carried out as part of the successive CSIC Quality Management Plans (2010-2013, 2014-2017 and 2018-2021), specifically Project 7 on Quality in the Scientific Information and Library Service.

1. User satisfaction surveys

User satisfaction surveys are a fundamental tool for finding out the degree of satisfaction with the services provided by the CSIC Library and Archive Network. In 2012 the first survey of these characteristics was carried out in the Network, since then they have been carried out every 2 years so that through the analysis of the data and comments the evolution of the satisfaction of the internal and external users of the Network can be seen.



2. Staff satisfaction surveys

Since 2014, the CSIC Library and Archive Network  conducts satisfaction surveys among its personnel on different aspects related to the job, direct supervisor, working environment, etc., in order to obtain a general opinion on these issues and to promote improvement measures.