Z39.50 and OAI Servers

Z39.50 server of CSIC's Library and Archive Network Catalog allows the retrieval of records from the Bibliographic and Archive catalogs.

  • Server: eu00.alma.exlibrisgroup.com
  • Port: 210 or 1921 (both ports work the same)
  • Base: 34CSIC_INST
  • User / Password: No authentication required. Access is not restricted by IP address.
  • Record Syntax: MARC21, XML
  • Character encoding (input and output): UTF-8
  • Supported services: Search, present
  • Supported Attributes: Words (1016, 1017); Authors (1, 1003, 1004); Subjects (21); Titles (4); ISBN (7); ISSN (8); Dates (31); Identifiers (12).

Simurg's OAI server allows harvesting of images, text documents and digitized books from CSIC's Libraries and Archives.

For any question, contact Gaspar Olmedo (URICI): gaspar.olmedo@csic.es