Document Delivery Service Registration

CSIC Document Delivery Service is only available to CSIC staff (to obtain documents not held in the library of their Institute), and to non-CSIC libraries (to supply documents held in the CSIC Library and Archive Network). Personal users who do not belong to CSIC, even if they are registered as CSIC Library and Archive Network users, do not have access to this service.

  • If you are a CSIC staff member, you can request the registration as CSIC Document Delivery Service user filling this form (CSIC Intranet login needed) or contacting your institute's library.
  • If you belong to a non-CSIC library and you wish to place requests for copies or loans, you must contact SURAD to be registered as a requesting library.
  • For more information, please contact your library or the SURAD Service ( / tel. 915 681 696 )