Strategic Plans

ACTION PLAN 2022-2025

Action plan 2022-2025

The CSIC's 2022-2025 Multiannual Action Plan defines the institution's strategy and establishes the objectives that will be developed during these four years. Framed within it is the URICI Strategic Plan: Resources and Support Services for new research practices and methods for Open Science at the CSIC. 2022-2025.

The main objectives defined in the CSIC Library and Archives Network Plan are:

Objective 1: Collaborate in the CSIC Open Science strategy: support for publications and data.

  • Contribute to the establishment of policies and good practices of Open Science: scientific culture change.
  • Open Access: publication-data. OA mandate compliance 100% Articles-80% data.
  • Promotion of the Publication Support Program in OA CSIC.
  • Complete the transformation of the subscription model-Ensure the sustainability of OA publishing business models.
  • Support services for the management-use of scientific data-software.
  • Action to guarantee integration and interoperability with EOSC and/or other GII.
  • Collaboration with national and international OS initiatives.

Objective 2: Digital transformation: heritage – collection – management – ​​spaces.

  • Increase the economic endowment in digitization.
  • Increase the computerization of the CSIC Archives.
  • Increase the digitization of 100% accessible public domain heritage funds (archives and old funds).
  • Acquisition strategy focused on 100% digital support.
  • Transformation of physical spaces (new organization model).

Objective 3: Training and skills.

  • Develop an annual training plan more adapted to the skills - needs that Open Science requires.
  • Improve the skills of professionals in managing the requirements of Open Science.
  • To be a reference for Open Science issues in the CSIC community.
  • Master of Open Science.

Objective 4: Knowledge management, evaluation, quality policies and communication.

  • Systematic, better informed decision making.
  • Management improvements: efficiency and transparency.
  • Easier use of data/indicators for their evaluation and analysis.
  • Maintain commitment to quality issues, higher level of compliance.

Objective 5: Systems and infrastructures: Open Science practices.

  • Support infrastructures and services for the sustainability of Open Science.
  • Implement digital preservation system (documentary objects).
  • Services/Reports for competitive competition, analysis and evaluation.
  • Improve interoperability and added value in services and infrastructures.
  • Improve the synchronization of URICI applications with institutional systems (eg GESBIB-CONCIENCIA).

Objective 6: Governance and resources: adaptation to the new research cycle.

  • New organization model: from Library Network to HUB of Services for Open Science.
  • Actions to reverse the loss of HR Recruitment of professionals.
  • Complete integration of National Centers (Infrastructure-Services).
  • Improvements in the efficiency of contracting processes in the Network (AM…etc.).
  • Increase communication-Dialogue with CSIC Libraries.
  • Growth of the GRANADO Cooperative Conservation deposit.

ACTION PLAN 2018-2021

In addition, in 2022 the final report of the 2018-2021 Action Plan (PDF) was presented, the full report on results and assessment can be consulted on the intranet of the CSIC Library and Archives Network.