SURAD: Document Delivery Service

Servicio de obtención de documentos

SURAD is a service of CSIC Libraries and Archives Network, under the Scientific Information Resources for Research Unit (URICI), whose functions are:

  • To act as a single point of entry for receiving requests for obtaining documents from libraries outside the CSIC.
  • To attend and manage requests for obtaining documents from personnel belonging to CSIC centers or institutes that are part of the 100% Digital Plan.
  • Exceptionally, attend and manage requests for obtaining documents from staff of CSIC centers or institutes whose library is temporarily closed.
  • Supply CSIC libraries and external libraries with documents from the CSIC digital collection and from the Granado cooperative repository.
  • To carry out the delegated invoicing of interlibrary loan transactions to third parties of CSIC libraries adhered to this service.
  • Act as an intermediary for CSIC libraries in obtaining documents that must be requested from foreign suppliers (British Library, SUBITO, OCLC, etc.), or with special conditions or administrative requirements that cannot be met by some of the libraries in the Network.

How to request documents from SURAD

  • Libraries external to CSIC
    • Libraries external to the CSIC should send requests through the management system of the CSIC Document Retrieval Service, which is GTBib/SOD. If the requesting library also uses GTBib/SOD or a compatible system, communication between systems will be automatic. Otherwise, the requesting library must request SURAD to register as a user of the Document Retrieval Service of the Network of Libraries and Archives of the CSIC. The library will receive a user name and password to access the system.
    • Instructions for requesting documents from SURAD by libraries external to the CSIC.
  • Staff of CSIC centers without a library:
  • CSIC Libraries wishing to use SURAD as an intermediary with foreign interlibrary loan providers must process their requests through the GTBib system to the CSISURAD provider, indicating in the demand level the provider "Foreign".
  • Except in the case of personnel from CSIC centers without a library, SURAD does not handle requests from private users, only from external libraries, nor does it act as an intermediary for CSIC libraries, except in the exceptional situations described above.
  • CSIC offers a reproduction in electronic or paper format of a maximum of 20% of a book or a magazine issue.

Fees and invoicingSURAD logo

  • SURAD invoices on a delegated basis to most of the CSIC libraries.
  • Invoicing Data
    • Invoicing center: CSIC. Central Organization. OM. SURAD
    • Responsible: Amparo Llorente
    • Billing address: Joaquín Costa 22, 28002 Madrid
    • Billing City: Madrid
    • TAX ID: Q2818002D
    • Accounting office: EA0041401
    • Managing body: GE0000531
    • Processing unit: GE0000531
  • For the supply of documents to external libraries, SURAD applies the interlibrary loan rates, as the rest of the CSIC Libraries and Archives Network.
  • For CSIC libraries adhering to the delegated invoicing system and for users of CSIC centers to which SURAD provides services, the service is free of charge when the documents are in Spanish libraries, including those of the CSIC, and 50% of the cost will be charged when the document has been requested from a foreign library.
  • For CSIC libraries not adhered to the delegated invoicing system, SURAD will charge the full cost in case of requests to Spanish libraries not belonging to CSIC or to foreign libraries.
  • See indicative prices for requests to foreign libraries.


SURAD - Scientific Information Resources for Research Unit

C/ Joaquín Costa 22, 28002 Madrid.
Responsible: Amparo Llorente | 91 568 16 18

Libraries and Centers adhered to SURAD

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