Funding Sources: Research Professional

Research ProfessionalCSIC, through the International Programs Area, makes the Research Professional database available to all its staff. This is a database for finding research funding opportunities and a source of news about international research practices and policies. You can freely browse the content of the site, create custom searches and share this information with colleagues.

News and Funding are the two main collections of content in Research Professional. News contains international news on research policy and practice, and Funding is a searchable database of open research funding opportunities.

Funding Insight is a collection of additional news and data intended to help researchers decide which opportunities to apply for from a wealth of information about research funding agencies, programs, and policy developments, as well as learn from the experience of other researchers.

Awards is a section where information can be obtained from previous funding recipients.

It is also possible to set up a personal account (*), which allows:

  • Create automated email alerts.
  • Save searches and create bookmarks.
  • Access from outside CSIC network.

(*) In the configuration of the personal account you have to register with an institutional mail of CSIC (domain "" or "").

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